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“from past to future”

We rediscover tradition to create new combinations and to regain possession of a food future: good, healthy and sustainable.


Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD) considered it primus antiquo … Latio cibus. The wise Numa Pompilius (753-673 BC), according to the King of Rome, decreed that only toasted spelled was pure for sacrifices and for this reason he instituted the feasts of Fornacalia on the occasion of his roasting. This cereal also gives its name to the most ancient and solemn form of marriage, the confarreatio, especially among the patricians, in which the two spouses consumed together, dividing it, a spelled focaccia brought as a gift from the bride, a symbol of future common life. The form of offering to the Gods represented by adoria, gifts made with spelled, is also very ancient. The basis of the diet of Latins, Etruscans and Romans, spelled can rightly be considered the Italian cereal par excellence.

It can be boiled, steamed or in a pressure cooker, toasted and cooked in broth; it is ideal for soups, farrotti, salads, meatballs and many other tasty recipes. We have imagined a simpler and more immediate use starting from creative combinations, with raw materials readily available at home, tell us about your creations and share them.

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