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We rediscover tradition to create new combinations and to regain possession of a food future: good, healthy and sustainable.


Next to spelled, barley was the oldest cereal cultivated by man. It is supposed to be used already in the Late Paleolithic, while the first reliable attestations date back to the Neolithic, between 10,000 and 6,000 BC. (SCHIEMANN 1932, p.21). Traces verified thanks to a Sumerian tablet, dated in the third millennium BC, show a list on the production of barley and barley products from the period of Ur III. Galen, a Greek physician who lived between 130 and 201 AD, stated that: “pearl barley, properly prepared, has a moisturizing and emollient action, especially on the gastrointestinal tract”. “The grains must be boiled until they swell to the maximum and then transformed into soup after a long cooking on low heat. In the end, add some fine salt.”

Ideal for vegan and vegetarian recipes, but also for those who prefer a Mediterranean diet. It can be enhanced not only in soups, but also in fresh summer salads, as an appetizer or first course. Traditionally it is considered an excellent cereal to support both physical and mental activity. Among the cereals it is the most refreshing and the one with the greatest draining and calming properties. It is therefore suitable for the summer season, for hot climates and for detoxifying treatments.

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